5 Reasons Why White Men and Black Women Marriages work

Interracial marriages have come a long way and with it became a bridge for healing nations torn by racism. In the 1950s most states still had laws that banned interracial marriages. It wasn't until 1967 that the Supreme Court declared anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional. At that time, 16 states still had such laws on the books.

In 1970, only three years after the Supreme Court decision, studies appeared there were around 900,000 mixed race couples living in the United States.

In 2018 there are close to 5 million interracial couples in the US alone.. Racial attitudes have changed especially between white. asian and black people. Great strides have been made with people becoming more open and accepting in regards to interracial couples. Here are some reasons why white men and black women are successful at marriage today than ever before

1.Awareness and reduction of societal discrimination

Generally speaking, race by itself doesn't seem to have an influence on whether a marriage will fail or flourish. Love, romance, companionship and other factors make or break marriages.

2.Change in the dating culture

Cultural background is also an issue when people are building a life together - what values each person was raised with, and how they responded to those values. And race is part of one's background, as unfortunately, it affects the way the rest of society might treat you.Interracial relationships aren't a big deal nowadays. There are a lot more people in stable interracial relationships. And the best thing is today, more young people don't care about race than they did years ago.

3. Marriage is between people not races

Marriage is between two adults, if the two agree to marry one another, it's none of anyone else's business. Despite everything marriage failure or success depends on the two of you, not your race. Working on your marriage especially when disagreements arise will increase the likelihood of your union.

4.Rise in online dating

Online dating sites and apps, have instant contact with millions of romantic possibilities with just the click of a button or a swipe of the finger, Innovation has made is easier for people to come into contact with different races, increasing their odds of matching a compatible mate.

Users are able to find others who have similar interests through profile and compatibility searches. Online interracial dating has made the search for an ideal date become portable, manageable, less time consuming and so convenient in our daily lives.

5.Different experience may be what is needed

Interracial marriages have an added onus to communicate because there is less that couples share culturally. Our experiences are different, so we need to get good at communicating pretty fast or things break down. Spouses of different races simply have cultural distinctions as part of their journey. These differences can be advantageous. Being in a interracial marriage can make you more open-minded, flexible and patient. When things are happening in the family, spouses are able understand their customs and traditions.

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