The Do's and Don'ts of Interracial Dating for Men

Maybe it's your first time going on an interracial date. You're a white guy looking for a black girl, or an Asian guy looking for Russian women. Perhaps you've had a few dates that didn't work out. Either way, this is your quick guide to the do's and don'ts of black women white men dating.

First, don't think interracial dating is uncommon or strange. It's not. There are tons of combinations that can make up an interracial couple, and they are all common. Actually as of this year, about 15% of marriages in the US are interracial, and that number is just going up.

Next, don't scare yourself out of it. You'll hear ''Black women don't date white men.'' Or ''I couldn't ever get a girl like her – I'm an Asian man, and Asian men aren't attractive to Russian women.'' But the reality is that you can't reject yourself before someone else rejects you. You just need to try it out, ask and then give them a chance. If he or she isn't interested, it's no big deal. And, being rejected by one man/woman of one race doesn't mean that all men/women of that race will reject you.

Third, don't make yourself a victim. A lot of Asian men complain about not finding dates in the western world. And things like that happen a lot. But, you have two choices: sit and complain, or go out and try and change it. If you're Asian, as a lot of media portrays Asian men as meek and nerdy, so Asian men might need to work on looking more masculine – learn dance or some sort of social activity, a nice haircut…

Latino men are already pretty well calibrated for dating in the western world, but they may need to be careful not to come across as too forward. Be careful not to move to quickly!

Black men are hyper-masculine, and, opposite of Asian men, may want to tone it down a little. You can either focus on having a great, approachable personality, or you can focus on your style – looking cool, composed, and sharp – not too intimidating, but looking good.

Fourth, do invest in her cultural heritage. It will go a long way. The exchange that happens between people of two different races or cultures can be rich and rewarding. You may learn about Chinese calligraphy, Filipino tribal dances, Honduran food, and more! There are so many food, activities, traditions and more that you can learn about and appreciate. It will also make you a more insightful and educated person.

So, in summary, interracial dating can be a very rewarding experience. It can help you open your mind, try new things, appreciate other people's perspectives and way of doing things, and more. That's a lot of beneficial things in your life if you're just willing to remember the few things we talked about here.

It's definitely worth a try – so, go for it!

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